Test helpers



assertScreenshot needs PIL. You might consider to require the screenshot extra in your setup.py like so: gocept.selenium[screenshot]

The assertScreenshot method allows you to validate the rendering of a HTML element in the browser. A screenshot of the element is saved in a given directory and in your test assertScreenshot takes a picture of the currently rendered element and compares it with the one saved in disk. The test will fail, if the screenshot and the taken picture do not match (within a given threshold).

assertScreenshot takes the following arguments:

name:A name for the screenshot (which will be appended with .png).
locator:A locator to the element, which will be captured.
threshold:If the difference [2] in percent between the saved and current image is greater than the threshold, a failure is triggered. (defaults to 1)

There is a capture mode available to help you in retrieving your master screenshot (which will be left on disk for comparison). When writing your test, set capture_screenshot on the Selenese object (see General information) to True and the test run will save the screenshot to disk instead of comparing it. Before you check in your newly created screenshot, you should watch it to make sure, it looks like you expected it. Setting capture_screenshot to False will compare the screenshot on disk with a newly created temporary image during the next test run.

If assertScreenshot fails, paths to the following images are provided to you in the error message:

original:The path to the original image (the master image).
current:The path to the image taken in the current test run (from the browser).
diff:The path to an image highlighting the differences between original and current.

If you would like to open the image showing the differences in an image viewer, set the environment variable SHOW_DIFF_IMG before running the test.

Skipping tests for certain browsers

There are cases when a test should does not pass on certain browsers. This is either due to the application using browser features which are not supported by the browser, or due to selenium not working well with the browser. To aid in skipping tests in these cases, there is a test decorator gocept.selenium.skipUnlessBrowser(name, version=None):

>>> class TestClass(...):
... @gocept.selenium.skipUnlessBrowser('Firefox', '>=16.0')
... def test_fancy_things(self):
...     ...


skipUnlessBrowser only supports skipping test methods. It cannot be used as class decorator.

[2]The difference is computed as normalised root mean square deviation of the two images.